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Here are some comments from Judy's clients who kindly took a moment to write about their experiences.

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your treatment and support.  After such a long journey with unexplained infertility I feel like as soon as I started my treatment with you everything started to slot into place and you have been a significant part of my success story this year.  I just wish I had found you sooner and if we ever decide to try for a sibling for our little miracle I will certainly turn to acupuncture again."  Mrs G

"Judy creates a professional and peaceful environment.  I originally went for support during IVF treatment, her knowledge and care throughout this time was a massive support and comfort.  Having found the treatment so beneficial I continued to see Judy on a long-term basis.  The sense of tranquility, relaxation and well-being I have felt is one of a kind.  Thanks for everything Judy."  Ms H

"I have been visiting Judy for acupuncture for awhile now. She has a warm caring nature, and her treatment room is calm and relaxing. Not only do I find our sessions enjoyable, Judy has provided me with valuable advice and support. Her knowledge has been an absolute life line, whilst navigating my way through fertility issues and more recently IVF."  Ms H

"I first came to see Judy when I was about to start IVF after 10 years of infertility & being told I would need an egg donor to conceive. I was set on using my own eggs and therefore, I knew Acupuncture would support me and my body through the process. Judy was & is such an incredible support, not just through the Acupuncture she provides, but also emotionally & in providing the limitless information she gives along the way. I am currently 43 & 9 months pregnant with a very healthy & thriving pregnancy. I will always be grateful for finding Judy as I feel she has been an integral part of my journey in becoming a mother."  Mrs B

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"My journey started with Judy following the loss of two pregnancies.  Judy really helped me to get back to living and to feel really well and then to continue to embark on my fertility journey.  She helped support me and she kept me calm through a round of IVF which really eased the worry.  The cycle did not end up being successful, but I discovered that there are other underlying issues so we are continuing our journey.  Judy has been such a support in this episode of my life, I really owe her a lot of thanks.  Her positive outlook has helped me to be optimistic about the future.  She has always been very professional and caring, a good listener who offers sensible, pragmatic and grounded advice.  I would not hesitate in recommending Judy to someone who needs treatment."  Mrs S

"Judy is an extremely knowledgeable acupuncturist.  She was compassionate and understanding of the fertility issues I was experiencing from day one and gave me a lot of advice on how to tackle the daunting experience of IVF that I was about to embark on.  Judy is a very gentle and calming influence and this is reflected in the manner she administers her acupuncture.  She was able to assist with not only preparing me physically for my treatment, but also mentally with stress relief and sound advice from her vast experience in this sphere.  I honestly believe her acupuncture prepared and maintained my body to be at its optimum in order to achieve pregnancy, which was successful on the first IVF attempt.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone that is experiencing fertility issues or any particular health related condition.  It has really worked wonders for me.  Thank you Judy!"  Mrs F

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I first started seeing Judy after the birth of my second child.  I hadn't been able to shake off the tiredness from the pregnancy and birth, and although there was nothing medically wrong with me, I knew I wasn't quite right and i wanted to regain my former energy and spirit.  I also had a niggling knee pain that was becoming worse as I started to exercise more frequently.  Judy's calm and confident manner reassured me immediately and she took time to understand my symptoms and make sure she knew what I wanted from the treatment.  I saw Judy regularly at first and I soon felt my energy levels soar, and various other minor ailments drop away.  Within a short amount of time we were able to reduce the frequency of my appointments and I'm delighted to say I'm now back to running marathons and living life the way I'd like to.  I still see Judy to manage my knee pain and ongoing 'maintenance' and she tackles my numerous small complaints ('I think I have a cold coming', or 'I've been a bit short-termpered recently') with her usual efficiency."  Mrs S

"I contacted Judy after struggling to conceive and being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  I felt depressed about the situation, and let down by traditional western medicine.  I was immediately impressed by Judy's understanding and professional reply, which made me certain she was the right person to come and see.  Judy not only takes the time to take a full history, including medical details, but also to understand you as a person, which I think is invaluable.  Her amazing acupuncture skills lead to me ovulating as normal.  A combination of acupuncture and Judy's insight resulted in me feeling significantly less stressed and thus more open-minded.  I absolutely credit Judy for the success of the treatment.  I had sessions over a three-four month period and am now expecting a baby.  I would recommend Judy to anyone.  I'm looking forward to returning to acupuncture to prepare me for the birth of my baby and will miss her when I'm not having regular sessions anymore."  Mrs W

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"Acupuncture was recommended to me whilst going through IVF.  I was quite skeptical at first but wanted to give the IVF every possible chance of working and get myself in a good place beforehand.  I am delighted to say, I am sitting here 6 months pregnant (it worked first time) and have felt really well through my pregnancy so far, no sickness at all, and can honestly say I think this is partly due to my sessions with Judy.  I cannot thank Judy enough for helping to keep me calm and relaxed through an extremely tense time.  She is such a kind, calm and knowledgeable person.  I really looked forward to our sessions and felt that she truly cared about my situation.  I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Judy in the future.  There are so many ailments that acupuncture can fix and certainly if we ever did IVF again."  Mrs C

"I've been having treatment with Judy for a year now and she has changed my life.  I initially went to improve my fertility but soon realised that acupuncture was wonderful for my general well being whether I were to fall pregnant or not.  Emotionally and physically my sessions with Judy have benefitted me beyond all expectations and have helped me to manage my stress levels at work and try to approach my life differently.  I have no doubt that the time I have invested with Judy ahs enabled my body to improve and become ready to conceive - I am now happily 5 months pregnant and am convinced it is largely down to my acupuncture sessions. Thank you Judy."  Mrs L

"I have never felt so energised.  I went from 'hormonal mess' to 'better than ever' in a very short space of time.  I could not recommend Judy highly enough!"  Miss S

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Anonymous comments taken from Judy's client feedback surveys.  Q: What does Judy do well?

"You listen well, empathise and show a clear warmth towards your clients.  You maintain a professional approach at all times.  I feel very safe in your hands and trust your clinical judgement and practice."

"Very pleasant and calming personality."

"To put me at ease, explaining the process well and delivering the treatment in a professional and caring way."

"Emotional support and non-judging."

"You are always very good at making me feel at ease.  I was especially nervous on my consultation that I sounded like I was crazy with a list of ailments as long as my arm.  You listened to me and reassured me that I was perfectly normal."

"Very caring, considerate of limitations with needles and talk through what you do.  Feel I can totally trust you and also have a bit of a laugh :o)"

"You are able to explain things in a way which makes them easy to understand.  You are very personable and have an ability to make someone feel relaxed and at ease and you are caring with your approach and extremely understanding.  You make it a very pleasant experience indeed."

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