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Mother and Baby

Treatment Techniques

Needle and non-needle approaches

The Tool Kit

The biggest barrier to more children having acupuncture treatment is the mis-conception that it will hurt or that they will not tolerate needles.  In reality, this is very rarely the case.  Whilst we all know that sometimes children need persuading to try new things, it's really important to me that coming for appointments is a good experience for the child, or one which, at the very least, they do not loathe!  When an experience is easy and stress-free, it is much easier for families to stick with a course of treatment.  Whilst needles are perfect for many, having plenty of alternatives is a must when treating young people.  Some techniques have been part of the Chinese Medicine tool kit for centuries.  Others are thoroughly modern.  

Appropriate techniques will be selected based on what we want the treatment to achieve as well as what the child is happy to have.

Three Ways To Get Started

Watch the Video "What is Paediatric Acupuncture"

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