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What To Expect

Bringing your baby, child or teenager for treatment introduces them to a completely different approach to healthcare. 

Find out more about what to expect. 

A Chat

It all starts with an email or a phone call.  We'll set up a time to have an informal chat about what's happening so I can get a sense of how I might help and whether I'm the best person for your child to work with.  It's your chance to ask any questions and get a feel for what I'm like.  

Initial Consultation

There are two main aims of a first consultation - diagnosis and rapport. 

We take the time to talk through what's happening for your child and also gather information on their wider health and lifestyle history.  I am always trying to get an understanding of your child within the context of their life.      

Depending on the age of the child and what they need help with, the first appointment may be with a parent or carer only, so that there is an opportunity for free and open conversation.  

When I first meet your child, my focus is on getting to know them and helping them feel comfortable with me.  I recognise the importance of adapting my approach to the specific nature of each child.  I'll also want to look at their tongue and take their pulse and I will probably want to palpate their tummy and back.

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When it comes to the actual treatment, we have plenty of options, and a child will never be forced into a form of treatment they do not want to try. 

Most children are happy to try needles once they feel safe and comfortable.  On small children, only 1 or 2 needles might be used with an in/out insertion (not left in).  So there's no need for them to stay still for long periods of time.  For older children and teenagers, 4-6 needles might be used at a time, and left in place for 10-15 minutes while the child relaxes.  It all depends on the nature of each individual child.  

For those that prefer not to try needles we have a range of other, effective options (read more here).  From special stickers, to beepy pens to tuning forks to remedial massage techniques, there is something for everyone.  

For small children, the treatment itself may be just a few minutes long, for older children it is likely to be longer.  Sometimes it looks like not much is being done, but rest assured that small, targeted interventions can yield powerful results in children whose energy is so vital. 

We always have some toys and books available for children to play with too.

Lifestyle Advice
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Lifestyle Advice

Often, lifestyle advice may be given that is tailored to the needs of your child. This might, for example, be about activities, nutrition, suggestions on how to handle particular situations.  It all helps support the work we do during treatment and helps your child to flourish. 

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Home Treatment

Where appropriate, you might be shown how to carry out particular types of treatment at home.  This is particularly useful for Tui Na or ShoniShin (medical massage techniques).  Being able to treat your child daily means they recover more quickly.  Parents and carers quickly become confident in delivering these types of treatment and enjoy being able to do something proactive when their child is poorly.  Full instructions are always given.



We all know that sometimes bringing young people for appointments isn't always a calm and serene experience with opportunities to discuss things in detail.  Equally, we recognise that there are some occasions when a parent or carer wants to share information about their child without them being present.  We communicate a lot via email to make sure questions get answered or information shared when necessary outside of the child or young person's appointment.   

Three Ways To Get Started

Watch the video "What is Paediatric Acupuncture"

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